Comment utiliser son pendule ?  histoire, les différentes formes et la purification

How to use your pendulum? history, different forms and purification

The practice of the pendulum dates back to ancient times, where the Greeks and Egyptians used pendulums to consult oracles. In modern times, the pendulum was popularized by the work of French physician Dr. Albert Abrams, who used the pendulum to diagnose illnesses in his patients.

The different pendulums

The pendulum consists of an object suspended from a chain or thread, which can be made of metal, crystal, or wood. Common shapes include the spherical, teardrop, or cone-shaped pendulum. Most often, the pendulum is used to answer yes or no to specific questions.

How the pendulum works

The operation of the pendulum is based on the principle of dowsing, which is the ability to detect energies or vibrations using an instrument. According to beliefs, everything in the universe emits energy, including living beings, objects and situations. When you use a pendulum, you can access this energy and use the pendulum to receive information about what is happening around you.

  • Choose a pendulum that suits you. It can be made of crystal, metal, wood or any other material that suits you.
  • Hold the pendulum between your thumb and index finger, hanging it by its wire or chain.
  • Hold the pendulum above the palm of your non-dominant hand or a flat surface. You can also hold the pendulum over an object you want to measure or a card for divination
  • Make sure your body is relaxed and your mind is clear.
  • Ask a question or state a mental affirmation that matches your intention.
  • Observe the movement of the pendulum. It can swing left to right, back and forth, or in circles. The direction of movement can have a specific meaning depending on your intention.
  • Interpret the movement of the pendulum based on your intention. You can also ask additional questions to get more specific answers.

It is important to note that using the pendulum requires practice and patience to achieve significant results. Additionally, the pendulum's responses can be provided by external factors such as the emotional state of the person using it, environmental disturbances, or even the method used to hold the pendulum.

How to purify your pendulum

Pendulums require special care to purify them between two research projects.

Metal or wooden pendulums, given their receiving neutrality, are the simplest to maintain. Dusting them with a soft cloth is enough. Before using them again, tap lightly against the work table, this is enough to recharge them

Stone pendulums must be immersed in a container filled with water or distilled water for a minimum of 5 hours then dry with a clean cloth.

Purification with sage, burn a stick of sage for a few seconds and extinguish the flame. Pass your pendulum 4 to 5 times through the smoke to clean it .

To recharge it, leave it for about an hour in sunlight or overnight under a full moon.

Citrine, carnelian or selenite are stones that have the ability to cleanse other stones.

Place the pendulum or crystal in a bag containing carnelian, citrine or on a selenite plate and let sit for 24 hours.


The pendulum is a divinatory tool that can help answer important questions or help make decisions. It works by using the principle of dowsing to access the energy of the universe and obtain answers to your questions. However, it is important to note that using the pendulum requires practice and patience to achieve meaningful results, and that responses can be generated by external factors.

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