Réincarnation, vies antérieures

Reincarnation, past lives

Past lives, also known as reincarnation, refers to the belief that a person's soul can pass through many successive existences, with different bodies, over time.

According to the belief of reincarnation, the soul is considered immortal and eternal. At the time of death of a body, the soul detaches itself from it and passes on to a new life in another body. This new life can either be on Earth or in another world or another dimension.

Beliefs about reincarnation vary from culture to culture. In some cultures, reincarnation is considered a natural process, while in others it is seen as a means of purifying oneself and achieving a higher state of being. In Hinduism, for example, it is believed that the ultimate goal of reincarnation is to achieve moksha, or liberation from the wheel of births and deaths.

People who believe in reincarnation seek to discover information about their past lives using techniques such as regressive hypnosis, meditation, or past life reading. Regressive hypnosis involves putting a person into a deep trance state to allow them to remember their past lives. Meditation is used to connect to the soul and access past life memories. Past life reading, on the other hand, involves consulting a specialist who uses various methods to help a person learn about their past lives.

Some people believe that phobias, dreams and inexplicable preferences could be signs of past lives. For example, a person who has an irrational fear of water might have experienced drowning in a past life. Similarly, a person who has a strong attachment to a particular culture or era might have lived in that culture or era in a past life.

Better understand your past lives

If you are interested in exploring your past lives, there are several methods you can use to better understand this part of your personal history.

The first step is to stay open-minded and be willing to accept what you discover. It is important to keep in mind that exploring your past lives is a personal experience and results may vary from person to person. There is no right or wrong way to discover your past lives, and you should follow your intuition as to which method works best for you.

One of the most common methods of discovering past lives is hypnotic regression. This technique requires putting yourself in a state of deep relaxation and being guided by a hypnosis practitioner to explore your past lives. During the session, you may receive information about your past lives in the form of memories, visions or sensations. This method can be helpful in exploring ongoing themes or issues in your current life that may be related to past experiences.

Another method for discovering past lives is meditation. Meditation can help calm the mind and open a channel of communication with your inner self, which can make it easier to access past life memories. You can start by sitting in a quiet, comfortable place, closing your eyes and focusing on your breathing. You can then visualize a scene or landscape that is familiar to you, perhaps relating to a particular time period or culture. If memories or emotions emerge during meditation, take note of this information and try to explore it further.

There are also readings and consultations with spiritual practitioners or intuitive advisors who can help you uncover your past lives. These professionals may use methods such as card reading or speaking with spirits to access information about your past lives.

Discovering your past lives can be a fascinating and enriching experience. However, it is important to keep in mind that results may vary and that understanding your past lives should not be used as an excuse to avoid facing the challenges of your current life. By keeping an open attitude and working with qualified professionals, you can better understand your personal history and use that knowledge to improve your present life.


Belief in reincarnation and past lives is a matter of personal faith and spirituality. People are free to believe or disbelieve in these concepts, and everyone is free to pursue their own spiritual journey in the way that best suits them.

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