Become an ambassador



- Once your application is approved, you benefit from a personal VIP reduction code offering you a 10% reduction on the entire store, with no time limit (this code is strictly personal, you must not communicate it).

- You benefit from an ambassador code to share with your community. People using your ambassador code receive a 10% discount on their first order.

- You thus accumulate a gain of 10% on each order made thanks to your ambassador code.

- You can at any time transform the amounts earned into a voucher on our store.

- In addition, to reward all your efforts, we have set up a leveling system allowing you to access higher VIP discounts.

The more your community uses your ambassador code, the stronger your VIP discount, see details below.

(As a reminder, your VIP code allows you to make purchases on the store, it is different from your ambassador code which is reserved for your community).

Your VIP Discount based on purchases accumulated with your ambassador code:
10% reduction below 500€
15% reduction from €500 to €1,000
20% reduction from €1,000 to €2,000
25% reduction above €2,000 
Tier levels reached as well as VIP discounts are valid for two years from the date of registration.
After this date, it is the accumulation of the previous year which will calculate the level and therefore your VIP reduction for the current year.