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Tree of Happiness “GREEN JADE”

Tree of Happiness “GREEN JADE”

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Bring a touch of Zen to your interior with this tree of life made up of 300 natural Green Jade stones 

height: 25 cm / width: 20 cm

The tree of Life

Present in many religious traditions, the tree of life embodies the link between the earthly world and the beyond, the perfect balance between material reality and the spiritual. With its roots firmly planted underground, it refers to anchoring in incarnation, while these branches open and directed towards the sky represent elevation, the connection with the celestial.
Considered a good luck charm, the tree of life is often used as a protective talisman . The Tree of Life is here enhanced by the use of natural Jade stones recognized in the world of lithotherapy for their numerous virtues.


Stone symbol of immortality, Green Jade is a powerful healing stone. Used as part of energy treatments, it directly influences the body's energies in order to restore its balance, thus promoting general well-being.

Connected to the heart chakra, Green Jade offers, thanks to its pure and benevolent vibrations, great open-mindedness to those who hold it. Spiritual awareness is broadened, the person demonstrates greater tolerance and discernment in their judgment, they have great morality.

Green Jade promotes a more exciting life by attracting joy, balance, health, and fulfilling relationships. Also called the "stone of fidelity", it strengthens bonds, commitment and trust between partners and members of the same family. Stone, attractive and seductive, Jade would have the capacity to facilitate meetings, new relationships.

There is also a great interest in it among couples, in fact in intimacy, it promotes the expression of feelings, passion, but also sexual energy and carnal pleasures.

How to purify and recharge your Tree of Happiness

To purify and clean your TREE OF HAPPINESS, you can wipe its surface with a slightly damp cloth. You can also position it near a smoke of incense, sage or Palo Santo.

To recharge it, simply leave it at night under the rays of the moon.

*The information communicated on this site is taken from traditional lithotherapy. The supposed benefits and virtues of the stones do not replace medical treatment. In the event of a health problem, please always consult a doctor. Only a healthcare professional will be able to guide you in choosing an appropriate treatment.

Description :
  • Width: 22 cm
  • Height: 25 cm
  • This tree contains 300 Green Jade stones
  • Origin: India

The Stones offered on this store being natural, their shapes and colors may vary, as such the photographs and visuals of the products presented have no contractual value.

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