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“MISSION OF LIFE” bracelet Natural howlite

“MISSION OF LIFE” bracelet Natural howlite

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Bracelet in real Howlite stone, natural and undyed

EXTRA quality

The benefits of Howlite

Easily identifiable by its white color as well as the light gray veins that run through it, the howlite stone is one of the minerals most used in lithotherapy. Named "sacred bison stone" by the American Indians, it was once worn as a pendant as a protective amulet, but also used as part of shamanic rituals.

A natural anti-stress, howlite has stabilizing properties on both body and mind. It resolves emotional blockages and allows us to free ourselves from past traumas. Source of greater inner peace, it brings out the best in us. It directs us towards our personal realization, offers us the possibility of exploiting our full potential.

Stone of wisdom, its gentle and reassuring vibrations promote a feeling of well-being. Howlite chases away harmful thoughts generated by stress and anxiety in favor of more beneficial reasoning. In general, it protects the people who wear it from negative energies which could harm their serenity.

Particularly calming on a mental level, it dispels doubts and fears which prevent fair and constructive reflection. It stimulates memory, strengthens concentration and develops the sense of imagination. It is a very interesting stone for developing one's creative capacity and more broadly for boosting one's intellectual performance.

In lithotherapy, we recommend wearing a howlite in times of change or great upheaval. Indeed, this stone promotes intuition as well as effective stepping back from the various events of life. It helps us maintain clear ideas and allows us to exercise discernment and accuracy in our decision-making.

On a spiritual level, howlite facilitates relaxation, meditation and introspection. It invites us to go beyond our material concerns in favor of deeper and spiritual reflection. In a tranquility of pure and sincere truth, the howlite stone can expand your consciousness and thus open the doors to the celestial world and all the mysteries it contains.

Howlite is traditionally used in lithotherapy to have a positive effect on weight loss, strengthening of bones, nails and hair, digestion, stomach, liver, skin, quality of sleep, disorders of menopause, immune defenses *.

Favored professions: all professions requiring a sharp mind, a good memory, a sense of organization as well as a great capacity for adaptation such as positions of responsibility, entrepreneurs, business leaders, managers... but also in the framework of studies, schoolchildren, students, interns...

Associated astrological signs: Virgo, Libra, Gemini.

Tip: Wear your howlite bracelet if you have to make an important decision in order to obtain a fair and informed reflection on the subject.

Associated chakra: Coronal

The crown chakra is the seventh of the seven main chakras, located at the top of the skull, it is represented by a lotus with a thousand petals, it is associated with purple and white. Higher center, source of the energies of all the other chakras, it is the entry point for cosmic energies. Connected to the divine essence, it is the seat of our consciousness, the gateway where our journey into existence begins .
When your seventh chakra is perfectly open, your consciousness is perfectly calm and open. You are in unity with the whole, you have access to the plans of your soul and its incarnations, no fears or anxieties affect you. You experience a form of fullness, aware of belonging to a greater whole. You understand that duality is only an illusion, that all knowledge is already within you.

How to purify and recharge your Howlite bracelet

To purify and clean your bracelet, you can soak it in a container of water for a few hours. You can also pass it for a few seconds under the smoke of incense, sage or Palo Santo.

To recharge your bracelet, leave it overnight under the moon's rays or during the day under the sun's rays (be careful, some stones can tarnish with prolonged contact with the sun). When you are not using your bracelet, you can also recharge it on a quartz cluster, a druse or a quartz or amethyst geode.

*The information communicated on this site is taken from traditional lithotherapy. The supposed benefits and virtues of the stones do not replace medical treatment. If you have a health problem, always consult a doctor. Only a healthcare professional will be able to guide you in choosing an appropriate treatment.

  • Bead diameter: 6-8 mm
  • Total length: 17 cm
  • Elastic
  • NATURAL stone, untinted
All the stones offered on Douceurs desâmes are carefully selected for their qualities recognized in the world of Lithotherapy.
We work with French suppliers to guarantee optimal product reliability and quality.
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