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Bracelet for Him "TRUTH" Natural Lapis Lazuli

Bracelet for Him "TRUTH" Natural Lapis Lazuli

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Natural and undyed real Lapis Lazuli stone bracelet

EXTRA quality

The benefits of Lapis Lazuli

Easily identifiable by its very intense bluish color as well as its golden inclusions, lapis lazuli is one of the most popular minerals in lithotherapy. With a history dating back thousands of years, it was once considered sacred in ancient Egypt. At that time, this stone, symbol of celestial strength, courage and immortality, was worn as a pendant as a protective amulet.

A natural anti-stress, lapis lazuli has powerful purifying and regenerating properties on both body and mind. By unraveling emotional blockages, it allows you to free yourself from past traumas. Source of greater inner peace, it brings out the best in our being. Stone of truth and knowledge, it facilitates knowledge and self-expression, it directs us towards our personal realization, it offers us the possibility of exploiting our full potential.

A stone with gentle and reassuring vibrations, lapis lazuli chases away harmful thoughts generated by stress and anxiety in favor of greater serenity and a pleasant feeling of well-being. Generally speaking, it instills confidence, good humor and joy of life in people experiencing doubt, despair, or afflicted with great sadness.

Particularly calming on a mental level, lapis lazuli dispels doubts and fears that prevent fair and constructive thinking. It stimulates memory, strengthens concentration and develops the sense of imagination. It is a very relevant stone if you wish to develop your creative capacity and more broadly boost your intellectual performance.

Connected to the throat chakra, lapis lazuli is also a wonderful stone of expression and communication. By exalting the emanation of affectionate feelings, it promotes sincere relationships, family ties, as well as romantic passion within the couple. Symbol of a strong and assertive personality, lapis lazuli transmits a lot of charm and charisma to its wearer, it awakens the interest, confidence and sympathy of the people around us.

On a spiritual level, lapis lazuli is a stone closely linked to cosmic forces, as such, it is a powerful mineral that is best used in a good state of mind. Endowed with great intensity, it accompanies sincere souls towards greater divine guidance. If you are ready, lapis lazuli can open the doors to the celestial, clairvoyance and mediumship.

Lapis lazuli is traditionally used in lithotherapy to act positively on vision disorders, headaches, sleep disorders, night vision, fever, depressive states, nervous tension, skin problems, allergies , asthma, cough, hair and nail growth*.

Favored professions : all professions requiring a great capacity for concentration, creativity, a lot of lucidity as well as careful and rapid thinking.

Associated astrological signs: Sagittarius, Pisces, Aquarius.

Tip: Wear your lapis lazuli bracelet during a relaxation or meditation session to cleanse your higher chakras and thus stimulate the connection with your soul.

Associated Chakra: Throat

The throat chakra is the fifth of the seven chakras, located as its name indicates at the throat, it is represented by a lotus with 16 petals, its color is blue. Center of expression and communication, it allows man to exteriorize his thoughts, his creativity, his emotions, his feelings... Bridge between the lower and higher chakras, this chakra governs our interaction with the world by expressing our inner reality.

When the throat chakra functions harmoniously, our emotions and thoughts are communicated fluidly and without fear. Self-expression manifests itself in all its forms and in perfect agreement with our inner feelings.

How to purify and recharge your Lapis Lazuli bracelet

To purify and clean your bracelet, you can soak it in a container of water for a few hours. You can also pass it for a few seconds under the smoke of incense, sage or Palo Santo.

To recharge your bracelet, leave it overnight under the moon's rays or during the day under the sun's rays (be careful, some stones can tarnish with prolonged contact with the sun). When you are not using your bracelet, you can also recharge it on a quartz cluster, a druse or a quartz or amethyst geode.

*The information communicated on this site is taken from traditional lithotherapy. The supposed benefits and virtues of the stones do not replace medical treatment. If you have a health problem, always consult a doctor. Only a healthcare professional will be able to guide you in choosing an appropriate treatment.

  • Bead diameter: 6-8 mm
  • Total length: 17 cm
  • Elastic
  • NATURAL stone, untinted
All the stones offered on Douceurs desâmes are carefully selected for their qualities recognized in the world of Lithotherapy.
We work with French suppliers to guarantee optimal product reliability and quality.
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