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Wooden incense holder box “YIN YANG”

Wooden incense holder box “YIN YANG”

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This dark wooden incense holder box will provide a great support for your favorite incense . We love the serenity created by the symbol of Yin and Yang!

length: 30 cm

Use with incense sticks (not included)

Yin and Yang in spirituality

The Yin and Yang symbol has its origins in Taoism, a philosophy based on the existence of a principle at the origin of all things. Their first representation appears in China in the very first ancient texts around the 3rd century BC .
The yin (black part) is rather passive, it represents darkness, calm, feminine and softness, the yang (the white part) is active and nervous, it represents the sun, luminosity, heat, masculinity.
The two black and white dots inside each comma remind us that nothing is ever completely white or completely black, each containing the germ of the other.
This principle is one of the foundations of traditional Chinese medicine. Yin and Yang are two forces that are both opposite, interconnected and complementary.
It is the balance of these two forces which ensures the good circulation of energies in the body, harmony and health.

General precautions for use

  • Light the end, leave the flame for a few seconds before blowing out to extinguish it, and smoke will begin to form.
  • Always be sure to place the incense holder far from easily flammable materials and to ventilate the room well during and after combustion.

Description :
  • Length: 30cm
  • Incense holder box in dark wood and Yin and Yang decoration
  • Origin: India
  • Use with incense sticks (not included)

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