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Quartz Crystal in Twin

Quartz Crystal in Twin

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Bring a chic and zen touch to your interior while enjoying the wonderful benefits of lithotherapy with this quartz crystal twin, a real, natural and untinted stone

 EXTRA quality

Diameter: approximately 6 cm

A Quartz Crystal twin is perfect for recharging your favorite stone bracelets.

The benefits of Quartz Crystal

Master stone of lithotherapy, quartz crystal is one of the essential minerals to possess as its virtues are numerous and beneficial on a vibrational level. One of its primary qualities is its formidable ability to interact with energies, which makes this crystal an ally of choice both in divinatory arts and in holistic care.

A universal receptacle, a true bridge between matter and the ethereal world, the quartz crystal stores energy, purifies it and amplifies it and then restores it to its immediate environment with unrivaled intensity.

When coupled with another mineral, it allows the latter to recharge and activate while increasing the power of its benefits. It is therefore particularly interesting to wear it or use it in combination with another stone in order to benefit from a synergy that is both harmonious and beneficial.

In lithotherapy, quartz crystal is regularly used for its positive action on the body's energy balance. Its gentle and subtle vibrations resonate with all the chakras, which can facilitate the release of emotional blockages and allow optimal circulation of energies throughout the body.

Quartz crystal is also believed to have a strong stimulating capacity on the aura of people. Purifying and strengthening this "etheric protection bubble", the person who holds it feels more secure, protected from surrounding negative energies.

The quartz crystal promotes the elevation of our vibration rate and, as part of meditation, access to a higher level of consciousness. A stone of light, it cuts through “evil and darkness” for the benefit of truth and spiritual enlightenment. Quartz crystal is a stone of choice if you wish to develop your psychic talents such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, intuition, mediumship, telepathy...

Quartz crystal is traditionally used in lithotherapy to have a positive effect on stress and anxiety, nervous disorders, digestion, sensory organs, eyes, ears, nose, tongue and skin*.

Favored professions: all activities are favored.

Associated astrological signs: all astrological signs.

Tip: If in doubt about a choice or if you have to make an important decision, keep your quartz crystal twin close to you to help obtain clear and precise answers.

Also use your quartz crystal twin to recharge your favorite stone bracelets

Associated chakra: Coronal

The crown chakra is the seventh of the seven main chakras, located at the top of the skull, it is represented by a lotus with a thousand petals. Higher center, source of the energies of all the other chakras, it is the entry point for cosmic energies. Connected to the divine essence, it is the seat of our consciousness, the gateway where our journey into existence begins .
When your seventh chakra is fully open, your consciousness is perfectly calm and open. You are in unity with the whole, you have access to the drawing of your soul and its incarnations, no fears or anxieties affect you. You experience a form of fullness, aware of belonging to a greater whole. You understand that duality is only an illusion, that all knowledge is already within you.

How to purify and recharge your Quartz Crystal twin

To purify and clean your macle, you can soak it in a container of water for a few hours. You can also place it near a smoke of incense, sage or Palo Santo.

To recharge your twin, leave it overnight under the moon's rays or during the day under the sun's rays (be careful, some stones can tarnish with prolonged contact with the sun). When you are not using your macle, you can also recharge it on a tray with the “flower of life” motif.

*The information communicated on this site is taken from traditional lithotherapy. The supposed benefits and virtues of the stones do not replace medical treatment. If you have a health problem, always consult a doctor. Only a healthcare professional will be able to guide you in choosing an appropriate treatment.

  • Weight: approximately 200 g
  • NATURAL stone, untinted

The stones offered on this store being natural, their shapes and colors may vary, as such the photographs and visuals of the products presented have no contractual value.

All the stones offered on Douceurs desâmes are carefully selected for their qualities recognized in the world of Lithotherapy.
We work with French suppliers to guarantee you optimal product reliability and quality.
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