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Bundle of White Sage “SPIRITUAL HEALING”

Bundle of White Sage “SPIRITUAL HEALING”

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“Spiritual Healing” sage combines bundle of White Sage, Lavender and Amethyst tumbled stone.

Size approximately 11 cm

The benefits of white sage

Lavender, also known as Lavandula angustifolia, is a medicinal plant commonly used for its calming and soothing effects on the body and mind, among other things it is said to promote sleep.

The quintessential plant for Native American peoples, white sage has a long history of use in spiritual and healing practices. Traditionally, it is used to purify the air, ward off evil spirits and cleanse negative energies.

White Sage and Lavender Bundle combines the purifying properties of white sage with the soothing and relaxing qualities of lavender.

This is an ideal option for those looking to create a relaxing and calming ambiance while purifying their space and mind. It is particularly useful for those looking to reduce stress, anxiety and mental tension.

Air Purification: White sage is often burned as incense to purify the air of bacteria, viruses and other impurities.

Removal of negative energies: White sage is also used to eliminate negative energies in the environment and in people.

Improved Focus: White sage can help improve focus and mental clarity.

Anxiety Reduction: White sage can have a calming effect on the mind, which can help reduce anxiety and stress.

The benefits of Amethyst

A gem with resplendent sparkles, amethyst is without context the “queen” of lithotherapy stones. A symbol of purity, wisdom and elevation, this stone, as elegant as it is powerful, will seduce you with the countless benefits it provides.

Endowed with strong vibrations, it radiates a powerful purifying and protective energy all around it. Ideal for achieving a state of great relaxation, amethyst generates a peaceful and safe spiritual atmosphere in which meditation is facilitated and deep.

Enjoying great popularity throughout history, amethyst is recognized as having the power to bring wisdom, reasoning and self-control. Indeed, it would have the ability to soothe the mind by chasing away obsessive thoughts as well as irrational passions.

Generally speaking, amethyst promotes mental balance, well-being, and opening of consciousness. In essence, it is a stone deeply oriented towards spiritual elevation, which is why it is very often favored by people wishing to develop their extrasensory skills, such as premonition, intuition, clairvoyance...

Amethyst is traditionally used in lithotherapy to act positively on headaches, muscular tension particularly in the neck and shoulders, overwork, insomnia, drunkenness, poisoning, gastric pain, burns. *.

Favored professions: all professions linked to spirituality, religion but also healers, mediums, therapists...

Associated astrological signs: Sagittarius, Capricorn, Virgo, Aquarius, Pisces.

Tip: Place your amethyst under the pillow to clarify dreams and dispel nightmares and thus improve the quality of your sleep.

How to use the bundle of White Sage and Lavender

Make sure your home's windows are open during fumigation to allow smoke to escape.

Light the tip of your white sage and blow gently to extinguish the flame.

Move slowly around the room(s) you wish to purify or use a feather or fan to spread the white sage smoke throughout all rooms of the house or space you wish to purify.

Visualize a clear intention for your purification and enjoy the calming and purifying energy of white sage .

To extinguish the stick, crush the end into embers on a suitable surface.
Before storing the sage stick for next use, make sure it is properly extinguished.

It is important to note that white sage fumigation is a sacred traditional practice for many indigenous cultures and should be respected as such.

General precautions for use

  • Keep children away when fumigating White Sage to avoid any risk of burns or accidents.
  • Do not place near any flammable objects or supports.
  • Remember to ventilate your rooms well by opening the windows.


  • Bundle of white sage, lavender and amethyst tumbled stone
  • Length: About 11cm and weight 20-30g
  • Origin: California
White Sage is imported directly from California and all our sachets are supplied with EAN, bar code and certification of origin. The bundles are sold by a specific size, not by weight.
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