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“HOPE” bracelet Natural Malachite

“HOPE” bracelet Natural Malachite

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Real Malachite stone bracelet, natural and undyed

EXTRA quality

The benefits of Malachite

A hypnotic stone, symbol of hope and renewal, malachite has been used for thousands of years for its beneficial properties. In ancient Egypt, there was keen interest in it, particularly for its powerful protective role. In Greece, carrying a malachite amulet helped protect oneself from serious injuries.

In lithotherapy, malachite is recognized as having a strong protective capacity. Absorbing and dissipating negative energies, it acts as a real shield . Carrying it on you will protect you from the evil eye, evil intentions as well as electromagnetic pollution.

A generous healing stone, malachite has the power to motivate real positive changes in our lives. Very gentle, it dispels the old patterns that hindered our evolution, while initiating liberating transformations in us.

Connected to the heart chakra, malachite promotes love in all its forms, starting with acceptance and self-love. Bringing serenity and confidence, it softens hearts hardened or saddened by life. A receptacle for unconditional love, it allows a more optimistic view of life and encourages beneficial relationships, based on feelings rather than necessity.

Capable of bringing about great changes in us, malachite is often used during meditation sessions to open awareness to realities that are intangible to the five senses. Allowing us to access the depths of our being, it facilitates a better understanding of the designs of our soul.

Malachite is traditionally used in lithotherapy to act positively on all forms of inflammation, pain of all kinds, joint problems, osteoarthritis, arthritis, circulation, breathing, fever*.

Favored professions : all professions linked to intensive use of new technologies, such as computers, smartphones, tablets, etc.

Associated astrological signs: Capricorn, Libra, Taurus.

Tip: Keep a malachite bracelet with you when you feel very emotionally affected, sadness, anxiety, anger...

Associated chakra: Heart

The heart chakra is the center of the chakra system, it is the seat of love and the door to the soul. Located at the level of the sternum, it is represented by a lotus with 12 petals, its color is green, but also pink. It allows acceptance, love of oneself and others, peace, compassion and forgiveness. Its primary function is union and harmony through love.
The heart chakra is the center of energies serving as a bridge between the first three energy centers (physical plane) and the last three (spiritual plane). It allows access to the universal part of our soul, the divine spark that burns within us.

How to purify and recharge your Malachite bracelet

To purify and clean your bracelet, you can pass it for a few seconds under the smoke of incense, sage or Palo Santo.

Be careful not to use water or salt with malachite.

To recharge your bracelet, leave it overnight under the moon's rays or during the day under the sun's rays (be careful, some stones can tarnish with prolonged contact with the sun). When you are not using your bracelet, you can also recharge it on a quartz cluster, a druse or a quartz or amethyst geode.

*The information communicated on this site is taken from traditional lithotherapy. The supposed benefits and virtues of the stones do not replace medical treatment. If you have a health problem, always consult a doctor. Only a healthcare professional will be able to guide you in choosing an appropriate treatment.

  • Bead diameter: 6-8 mm
  • Total length: 17 cm
  • Elastic
  • NATURAL stone, untinted
All the stones offered on Douceurs desâmes are carefully selected for their qualities recognized in the world of Lithotherapy.
We work with French suppliers to guarantee optimal product reliability and quality.
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    nicole D.
    Ils sont très beaux ,

    Je suis très contente de vos services,c est rapide et bien emballés, les prochains bracelets je ferais en 19 cm au lieu de 20cm ,ils sont tous très beaux ,merci

    Catherine G.

    je recommande vivement le bracelet plus de douleurs dorsale

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